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Founder and Owner


The driving force behind Sport Stories is founder Bart van Schijndel. His Sports are in his DNA. Sports, marketing and business have been intertwined for Bart all his life. Giving content and establishing brands is his passion. He has revived well-known international sports and lifestyle brands and is based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Bart has been director/owner of Sport Stories since 2015. He knows the market and understands and speaks the language of both the dressing room and the boardroom. Under the leadership of Bart van Schijndel, Sport Stories has grown into a leading sports marketing agency in the Netherlands. Bart has an impressive international network within sports, fashion and corporations. Several European, world and Olympic champions make grateful use of his support.

In 2018, Bart began working with Paralympic athletes and has gained impressive commercial success. He has a special passion for Runway Dreams and will promote the mission support to give it a bigger international platform and even stronger voice!

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