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No. 1 Ranked Wheelchair Tennis Player

Grand Slam Champion & Gold Olympian

In 2015, Diede became a professional wheelchair tennis player and has astonished friend and foe with her results ever since. Living in Oudewater, Netherlands, Diede quickly overtook international rankings, resulting in number one positions in both singles and doubles. In 2021, she won Olympic Gold in Tokyo as well as the Golden Slam.

Apart from her athletic mission, Diede also has a mission to prove that having a disability need not mean feeling handicapped. As an ambassador for the Esther Vergeer Foundation and the Disabled Sports Fund she hopes to stimulate as many people as possible, both able-bodied and with disabilities, to actively participate in sports. Diede is very inspired by the mission of Runway Dreams and hopes ti inspire others and raise awareness by sharing her personal experiences as an athlete with a disability.

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