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President and Founder


Meg Zucker was born with a rare genetic condition, ectrodactyly, leaving her with one finger on each hand, shortened forearms and one toe on each foot. Meg passed the condition on to two of three children. In addition to her professional career as a lead attorney in anti-money laundering on Wall Street, Meg started Don't Hide It Flaunt It Inc.™ in 2011. DHIFI Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not for profit that works to advance understanding, tolerance and mutual respect for people's differences. DHIFI Inc., in partnership with Scholastic, provides social emotional learning/empathy programming available in U.S. schools and diversity, equity and inclusion programming to Fortune 500 companies. As founder and President of DHIFI Inc., Meg has been published in various national publications such as Parents magazine, USA Today, the Forward and has received national writing awards. Meg has also been featured on Today (NBC), and the Zucker family was the subject of a TLC special, “My Extraordinary Family.” In addition, Meg was the keynote speaker at the "Distinguished American Speaker" series at the U.S. Embassy in Israel. In 2022, Meg’s book, “Born Different: How to Help Your Children Claim Their Power will be published by Tarcher Perigee, a imprint of Penguin Random House.

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